It's Time CISO's Use AI to Strength Information Security

Sanil Nadkarni, CISO & Vice President, Global Enterprise Security & Risk Governance, SLK Global | Friday, 10 November 2017, 04:15 IST

Artificial intelligence, and machine learning are not merely a buzz word but is increasingly becoming part of hacker’s tool kit. AI tools are getting more sophisticated with time and aiding hackers to hack the much needed data covertly. Hackers are now able to perform more rapid attacks and develop more intelligent malware to hack the valuable data. The pace and scale which AI brings is incredulous. The perils are not only due to hackers becoming increasingly ingenious but our inability to keep up to the pace at ever-changing threat landscape.

Hackers have a wide co



vert network and these tools are likely to be promulgating widely across multiple geography which could lead to a catastrophe.

While the Hackers are busy sharpening their repertoire, our CISO’s are galvanized having to come up with more innovative ideas and leveraging existing technologies such as AI and Machine learning to counter the newer attack. Today’s CISO’s are faced with imperceptible challenges over changing risk landscape, lack of funds for security initiative, and challenges in recruiting the foot soldiers. As per ISACA – we have Global shortage of 2 million information security resource throughout the global.

It’s time that CISO’s across the globe acknowledge that the only way to counter the new aged attack is to be perspicacious and uplift their skills sets whilst embracing innovation in dealing with new emerging threats and vulnerabilities and increasingly rely on intelligent systems, CISO’s must add AI and Machine learning in their armoury. They should startby building their own research lab with assistance from their fellow communities, security research firms customized to their own eco-system.

Machine learning and AI can be implemented from firewalls to endpoint security software’s. Machine learning can fortify our firewalls by including behaviour detection and prevention capabilities. Security firms have discovered complex algorithm within AI space which can detect malwares and virus seamlessly

For example “discovering patterns” can be used to recognize anomalies detect intrusions whilst zero-day malware can be detected through statistical analysis. Machine learning can also help security analysts to analyse large amounts of packets and identifying the nail in the haystack.

Machine learning technology rely heavily on voluminous data sets connected from various heterogeneous system. It is therefore imperative for the security analysts to identify the data sets and means to transport, analyse and correlate the data sets.

AI can also be instrumental in securing the endpoint. Machine learning algorithm can be more effective than the age old anti-virus or malware protection. It can rapidly adjust, and quickly respond to hacker’s berserk. Machine learning solution on the endpoint can identify risk before its even materializes. AI uses behaviour analysis of applications which can thwart any real threat by quickly detecting a malware and perform prompt triage to stop the infection. Once it obstructed a danger it will keep on learning about the risk and speculate for any future attack.

It’s just takes one vulnerability for hackers to create havoc in your organization. Good news is newer technologies such as machine learning can prove vital in securing your organizations and safeguard your data from pernicious hackers.

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