Maptech Infosoft - Reinforcing Productivity with Apt IT Security Controls

CIO Vendor Information has become an identity and asset in itself. Businesses are waking up to the need of protecting information thus, triggering the need for tighter IT security employee aware policies. Instead of simply providing solutions for security, platform independent and result oriented approach are most effective for implementation. Chennai based turnkey solution provider, Maptech, with its 19 years experience, is generating results in this field. The company effortlessly builds ethical and transparent partnerships with its principal vendors to offer IT Infra consulting solutions to address on demand challenges of its clients in all verticals. The company provides anti-spam, secure email solutions managing own dedicated servers, ERP consultation, endpoint security, application virtualization solution and information assurance consulting services.

Usually, small and medium sized companies are apprehensive of expanding IT security due to cost exhaustion and other costly IT security maintenance. To this segment, Maptech offers compatible and economic IT security solutions which encompasses critical elements of infrastructure and operations-data, web, email, and desktop and server security, vitalizing the need to educate the company and their employees. With the integration of cloud technology and big data analysis, the challenges faced by the clients are increasingly being addressed with virtualized applications and desktops from data center or cloud. Minimizing spending on licenses, and providing one-time solutions with least spending on AMC every year, Maptech provides a holistic security for Enterprise applications.

Security Analysis - Bringing Expected ROI
The concerns over security from internal and external threats for its client - an in-house ERP software company, enabled Maptech to implement secure remote access using Accops Hysecure enterprise Application Gateway on a Linux desktop.

Maptech offers compatible and economic IT security solutions which encompasses critical elements of infrastructure and operations-data

Joining hands with M/s O3MDM, India’s Google Premier Partner, Maptech, for its Hospitality Client, conducted website audit, analyzed website usability, worked on their Google Analytics, and provided recommendations to tweak their adwords campaigns. In three months of consulting, the client saw a better performance in their Online Room bookings.

“Firewall is just one of the security controls. A strong security infrastructure must cover all of your bases including people, processes, and technology, particularly in the world of IoTs, companies require complete consulting on total Information Assurance.” says, R.Sridhar, Director, Maptech. With India’s cyber law experts like Naavi as Advisor, Maptech offers Information Assurance services from technology and legal perspective creating a value to its clients. Moreover, Maptech provides Data Safety Drill that enables clients to understand the security shortcomings and enabling the management to conduct a mock, as if the server is down. The main purpose of the mock drill is to highlight the need of incident response plan and employees with access to sensitive data know how to protect it.

Capturing the vast capabilities of IT security
Tackling authorized Access of data in business world has engulfed most of the cost, resources and time of the businesses. This vitalizes the need for a highly apt, flexible yet robust IT security solution that can fix the concern. Maptech has been managing more than 500 customers since its inception and managing business class web and mail hosting servers to provide perfect IT security solution to every scale of business at every point of time.