Amazure Technologies: Ensuring Seamless Management Across The Hybrid Ecosystem With Quality And Excellence At Par

CIO Vendor In the last two decades, technology has changed the way we interact, the way we do research, and the way businesses operate. Today, technology is central to the success of most businesses. From marketing to security, most business operations start in the digital world. In the fast-paced environment of business operations today, technology is essential for businesses to not only survive but to thrive. Significantly, Amazure Technologies is a Pune-based leading Solution provider for HYBRID ecosystems, Cloud/DC/Cybersecurity. Amazure is built on the foundation of trust, commitment, and true value creation, spearheaded by an experienced technology-centric leadership team. The service framework is built on a robust Unified Services Collaboration Platform with experts having more than a decade of industry experience as key drivers.

Amazure offers robust and innovative Advisory and Solution Consulting with Services program management & governance practices with continual collaboration with highly skilled domain experts across a wide range of tech domains. “AMAZURE's Collaboration Services Platform is a unique approach to help create a service ecosystem that enables the clients to get the best technology support & services from industry experts. This will enable us to address today's industry challenges of skill expertise & quality of services delivery,” signifies Pramod Sonmale.

Pramod Sonmale adds every client expects the proposed combination of products, solutions, and services to achieve defined business objectives and ensure optimum value for money, i.e. TCO/ROI, for their investment. To ensure all the criteria of the clients are fulfilled, Amazure tries and gain an accurate understanding of client requirements, business transformation goals, application roadmaps, and only then proposes a balanced
combination of products, solutions, and services. The comprehensive approach for security services starts by understanding the client's perspective through the 'People, Process & Technology' methodology, balancing and optimizing the relationships between the three.

Also, the firm identifies Data Owners and understands the operational challenges they face when adopting new technologies. It deploys best practices to maintain security, which provides greater visibility in the client's current security environment which enables them to identify gaps & improve on required security controls and mitigate security risks. All in all, the firm always strives to propose the right combination of products, solutions, and services best suited to each client's individual IT ecosystems and optimizing the TCO / ROI.

Amazure takes a holistic view of the client's underlying infrastructure requirements, data availability & business continuity requirements, along with data security requirements when working out a solution. The solution approach is geared towards a HYBRID ecosystem, connecting 'On Premises' (On-Prem) and Cloud infrastructures, ensuring seamless management across the hybrid ecosystem. This is of significant benefit to the client as it reduces the complexities and administration silos present in a mixed environment, giving an edge to the firm over the others in the market.

Balancing and optimizing the relationships between people, processes, and technology to achieve organizational efficiency

Over the years, Amazure has nurtured out as one of the fastest-growing SI and Solution providers in Pune for HYBRID ecosystems, Cloud/DC/Cybersecurity. And by the virtue of its quality work, the firm is serving some of the leading brands of repute such as TATA MOTORS, Bajaj Finserv, Bajaj Allianz, as well as SME customers. The firm lays its emphasis more on the quality of services provided to each of the clients, than the mere number of clients served. Hence, it has received a very positive response from & traction with, many enterprises and SME customers. The additional focus lies on 'Application Modernization' to ensure value addition to the customers in their digital transformation journey.