CyberGrid Solutions: Comprehensive Security Solutions for the Digital-era

CIO Vendor The Indian cybersecurity market is driven by the increasing incidences of cyber-attacks and data breaches. This has increased the need to deploy strong authentication systems and cybersecurity solutions across enterprises thereby fostering market growth over the next few years. Additionally, ongoing technological advancements and new cybersecurity solution launches by the major players operating in the market are expected to create lucrative opportunities for market growth. One such player operating in the cybersecurity market is CyberGrid Solutions, a specialist IT managed Services Company with a strategic focus on delivering cloud, infrastructure, compliance, network, and security solutions.

CyberGrid Solutions partners with Key Security vendors who are industry leaders, having key USPs against the most competitive in their space. The firm builds associates with select vendors that provide all the critical stacks of security solutions under their portfolio and can be managed under a single pane of glass, which gives an additional advantage to customers from a manageability standpoint with a centralized dashboard. Further, CyberGrid is not just focused on order fulfillment alone, but takes a consultation approach and gets the requirements of the customers wetted in detail. The firm organizes sessions to educate why customers should look at certain solutions and how it is going to make the security posture better for their organization. "At CyberGrid the role of protecting our customer's information assets and data subjects is one that we take very seriously. As an IT partner we understand that it is important for them that we can demonstrate that we have implemented the relevant IT security precautions and processes to show that we are acting responsibly on their behalf," signifies Nagaraju Neeli.
As a specialist IT managed Services Company, CyberGrid Solutions helps clients in finding the optimum solution to meet their operational needs and support business growth and transformation. The firm first understands the infrastructure and its work/operation model. Then, it checks the required layers of security, which is used at present, and the security effectiveness of the current solution along with the challenges the customer dealt with. Based on that, it suggests solutions followed by POC. These are the approaches taken in most cases, but for certain clients, it carries out a proactive approach as many SMB/SME customers might not have their engineer to monitor their security. For such customers, the firm manages their infra and does periodic audits, cleanup of policies, reporting, and many more to free up their time and focus on business operations.

CyberGrid Solutions specializes in finding an apt solution to optimize business growth, transformation and meet the operational needs of the clients

CyberGrid Solutions offers a full range of professional services as per the specification of the clients from IT infrastructure upgrading, troubleshooting an existing problem, or installing a wireless network, to expand the data storage capacity, it offers services to assist the customers with an initial integration to the ongoing maintenance. Moreover, the firm has a proficient security team with expertise across offensive and defensive security. With CyberGrid, the clients can focus on business, powered by best-of-breed technology and an expert team. The firm works as an extension to their team to build the IT security strategy, bolster defenses, and strengthen management capability. Pralobh Menon concludes "Every employee contributes to both the revenue flow and to the possibility of disaster. Systems must be current to be safe, and staff must be strenuously trained to resist malware. In fact, every aspect of the business needs an effective plan and a path for solid protection. We at CyberGrid, with our end-to-end services and solutions, help and support our clients to optimize their business and reach their desired goal."